The State of Oregon is changing mandates for schools sometimes on a weekly basis. Below is our plan as the mandates are at this moment. We will change this notification as the changes come before us. 

We ask for your patience as we examine the new framework over the next few weeks and engage with our stakeholders. We do know some things we can relay to you immediately: 

1. We will offer a full day of school four days a week throughout the 2021-2022 school year beginning on September 7th. 

2. FACES after school program will begin regular programming starting Monday September 20th. 

3. Much of the decision making will be done at the local level instead of the state level. Decisions will be made around disinfection processes, hand washing, and student screening. 

4. We will continue to support our students and families needs and embrace our small 

school relationships with families to focus on overall well being. 

5. While we will have some logistical modifications on daily routines, the school day will feel very normal to our students and staff. 

We urge you to continue to watch for updates and information from us through three main sources: Remind, our District Facebook page and our school website. We will do our best to keep you informed on the latest information we have available.

“Falls City School District provides well-rounded opportunities for students to become productive positive citizens and life-long learners”

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