Gym 1



Sometime during the Winter of 2022, Falls City Schools submitted and was awarded the Seismic Rehabilitation Grant, mitigation of earthquake stress on state facilities, through the State of Oregon for the high school gymnasium totaling $2.1 million.  The Board of Directors chose to use a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) procurement project delivery method to oversee this project and awarded the CM/GC, through a request for proposals (RFP) process, to Woodburn Construction. Historically, if you happened to walk through the gym or witness a ball game or two this past year, one might have noticed small areas of demolition (small holes) here and there, where engineers were surveying certain components of the gymnasium.   Over the past six months, all architectural and structural drawings have been completed, work schedules, pricing, subcontractors and constructability reports are being finalized. 


We’ve had to work closely with Falls City government logistically as they maneuvered through their own lagoon project because of the proximity of the gym and the pump station down at the football field/track and the use of the parking lot as a staging area.  For those of you that still use the track for your walking routines, you will notice continued construction traffic as the City construction crews will still be addressing the pump station area and the school construction crews move in.  Currently we are moving items out of the gym facility to other locations so that instructional and extra-curricular routines go unhampered by the construction phase anticipated 

to start somewhere between April 22nd and May 1st. Once construction begins we are expecting 80 days of construction which will take all of the summer to complete. Anticipated completion date is after the start of the ‘24/25 school year.   While you’ll notice from the road aesthetic changes, the purpose of this grant is to support structural changes needed for potential seismic activity. We will post pictures of our progress on our Facebook and Website.  


Thank you for your patience ahead of time,


Mr. Ellis,